What should I do if my timepiece needs repair?

SEIKO Australia provides a service network around Australia. Please call SEIKO Service on 1300 363 575 for the service agent in your state. If you are taking or sending your timepiece to a service centre/agent please:
a.) Include a small note outlining the problem or symptoms you are having with the watch or clock.
b.) Include your original guarantee or proof of purchase if the timepiece is still within the warranty period.
c.) If mailing, please ensure that your name and address are shown both on the outside of the package as a return address and on the correspondence inside describing the problem. Also, keep a record of the case number (hyphenated) and the serial number from the back of your watch for reference.
d.) Always send the timepiece using registered mail to protect yourself in case of a loss in transit and to make tracing possible if necessary.
e.) Package the timepiece well in bubble wrap to protect it in transit.